Golden Birthday

It’s his 5th birthday and his golden birthday! I can’t believe he would have been 5 today. It’s an honor to celebrate him and be his parents. The honor of a lifetime. I can’t imagine what a golden birthday on the Streets of Gold is like.

Life continues to move on. It doesn’t seem real yet I have started accepting it. We’ll never get over Will. But we are healing. I smiled a lot more this past year. I see laughter in Coy’s eyes. Our families are smiling. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss him. We just feel God’s presence and know that life is good. I pray every day that someone might see us and know God because of what He continues to do through us.

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby. Life sure isn’t the same without you. But you changed me forever and my life will always be better because you made me a Mama.

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