Happy Birthday

February 5 started out like any other February 5, I called Alli and told her Happy Birthday! It was her 28th. We got to work and mama and daddy brought breakfast. They ate and I just wasn’t feeling good. Over the weekend, I felt kinda blah. I was so, so pregnant. I was 37 weeks that day and had an appointment at 11 to check on Will. Alli was going with me. (Thank God we planned that). Here I am the Friday before.

My boy was snug as a bug in my belly. He was low and big and heavy.

We left the office around 10:30 and headed to the doctor. We got there and he had been not as active on the way. So I told them at check in and we went to ultrasound quickly. He had a good, strong heartbeat but still wasn’t moving. My doctor came in and told me that we were having a baby that day! I felt a weird sensation come over me and began to worry. All the nurses and Alli told me that Will was fine and so was I. Alli called Coy to tell him and he thought we were joking. He left work and headed home to change. Mama came immediately.

They wheeled me over to the hospital and the whole time I heard the click of Alli’s heels on the floor. They took me to a room and Alli helped me put my gown on and get in bed. Will was coming fast. They got me prepped and ready. Mama and Coy were waiting right before we headed to the OR. Here we are going to get our baby!

So we went. I got my spinal, Coy came in and sat by me and prayed. Everyone was there and my doctor began the c section. And we waited. And waited. Coy couldn’t see anything. I asked him if everything was okay. He told me he thought it was. I finally asked the anesthesiologist. And they said that they were working on Will. I think I passed out at that point.

Coy said after that he saw Will’s foot as the team of NICU nurses were caring for him. He said that it was silent and loud all at the same time. Will was born at 2:25pm weighing 10 pounds and 12 ounces. He had a heartbeat of 144 in the OR right before the c section began. But he was born not breathing. They resuscitated him for 17 minutes. Then Coy heard the doctor yell out, “I have a heartbeat!” He said that was music to his ears. Here is a picture of Will at Baptist NICU.

They left the OR and Coy followed. He went to NICU with Will. He was born at Baptist, but the doctors said the Richland NICU was better and more equipped for Will. So after wheeling him by my bed, they were on an ambulance to Richland.

I laid in recovery and Mama and Daddy came to see me. Alli and Abby were with me the entire time. We will forever be grateful that they could be with me so Coy didn’t even have to think about me. I finally got transferred to a room and threw up for quite a while. Once they got that under control, I was told I had to stay at Baptist at least that night. I don’t even remember seeing my baby on his birthday.

So Alli and Abby spent the night in my room. I laid there, I don’t remember much. I do know I woke up at 3am and was ready to be transferred to Richland. That’s another story for another day.

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